Setup Printers in AmberPOS

In AmberPOS navigate to the  section and choose the tab.



Listed in the Printer Setup section are all of the different print tasks that can take place in AmberPOS.



When you click on the  button for one of these listed print tasks it will list the printer drivers installed on the computer



In the window that appears you can select a printer driver and click on the  button to increase the number of copies assigned to that printer.  When the print task takes place it will print the number of copies assigned to the drivers specified in the window.  If you select a driver listed in the window and prompt the  button you will decrease the number of copies assigned to print to a printer driver for the print task.



Two copies will be printed to the Generic / Text Only Driver when an invoice prints.



 You can assign each print task listed here to different printer designations by adjusting the  button independently for each.  




You can copy the printer designation assigned to one print task to all others using the "Apply Printer for Trans Type" feature below.



When you click on the select box you will be able to choose one of the print tasks listed above to designate copying from.




Once you have chosen the print task to copy from click on the  button.   Click on the  button for the window that appears.



You will notice that the "Full Size Reports" print task is exempt from this assignment as it is required that the printer driver assigned for printing reports will print to a full-size 8.5x11 inch page format.






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