Printing A/R Statements


You can print a customer's AR statement from the customers screen. (Navigation Keys Overview)



Select the customer whose account you would like to view. Then, on the lower screen click on the more_tab_2.png tab. (If this tab is not visible then use the scrollbar to scroll the lower screen to the right, or if you are running in a higher resolution you can simply proceed to the next step.)




 With the lower customer screen scrolled to the right, you will see a box labelled AR Statement.



Use the start and end date fields to select the period of AR activity you would like to include on your printout, and then select the type of statement you would like to print.

print_ar_statement_button.png will print a simplified statement listing each AR transaction on the selected account.

print_ar_statement_with_details.png will print a more detailed statement listing the items in each AR transaction.



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Article written with AmberPOS version


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