Changing the Active/Inactive Status of a Customer

If you desire to change one of your customers status to active or inactive in order to prevent or allow them to show during transactions:


1. First, Login to AmberPOS, then access the Customers Menu.

2. Select the Customer from the list that you desire to change the Active Status of.

**Note** You will receive two different warning prompts for changing the active status of your Customer.

When changing the customer from green (active) to red (inactive), you will receive the warning message:


When doing the opposite to make the customer inactive, you will receive the warning prompt:



3. Locate the Active Status check box in the Customer's detailed information menu as shown in the image below.


4. Click the active_box.JPG next to active_red.JPG when it is red to enable it and change it green like so: active_green.JPG.

And vice versa you can uncheck the box to change the customer status red to inactive.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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