Zip code lookup (US zip codes only)

AmberPOS has a feature that uses an online database to populate the country, state and city, when a US zip code is entered in the "Postal/Zip" box in the customer screen. As AmberPOS is using an online service please make sure your internet is working fine and that you have not used up your daily lookup limit set by this website



How it works:


1. Populate the "Postal/Zip" field with a United States zip code.



2. When you populate the "Postal/Zip" box with a United Stats Zip code a dialogue box asking if you would like to change the address will appear.



3a. If you click yes AmberPOS will use an online database to pull the country, state and city that the zip code is in.



3b. If you click no AmberPOS will then prompt if you would like to change just the state instead of the state and city.



There is a limit of 500 lookups that you are able to do per day. If you would like to see if the service is online or lookup zip codes manually please go to:



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