Adjusting Item Quantities in a Purchase Order


1. Begin by opening up the purchase order window.

2. If there is no currently open order, select the order whose items need editing and press edit_selected_order.png.




3. This will take you to the purchase order information screen (you will also be at this window if you already had an open purchase order). From here select the order_and_receive_tab.png tab.




4. A window will now be displayed showing all the items previously added to your purchase order. Select the one you wish to edit and press  Adjusting_Item_Quantities_in_a_Purchase_Order_edit_button.JPG.



5. Now you will be at the Inventory / Skus screen with new tab at the bottom labelled Add Item to PO: (your PO number). All the different dimensions of the SKU you selected will be displayed in this lower window. SKUs with 0 quantity on hand or which are at or below the re-order point will be displayed in red. Note that you can also use the upper window to select new SKUs to add to your PO as well.




6. Select the item whose quantity you would like to edit and select the amount in the QtyTo Order column. Change this to the amount you would like on your purchase order.




7. You can also set a few different options using the checkboxes located below.


Show All Dims, Show All Stores: Use these to narrow or widen the number of SKUs displayed in the window.


Edit Existing On Order Qty: Checking this will make the Qty To Order column display the number of items currently on order, which will allow you to add or subtract from this number, rather than the default which lets you add an exact amount.


Add to new line: This will allow you to add amounts of the same SKU to multiple lines, so you can have different costs for each group.


Order By Package: This will change your order by package rather than single items. Package quantity is set in the sku info tab.


8. Once you have made your changes, select the add_items_button.png button to add your changes to the purchase order. If you are in the Edit Existing


9. On Order Qty mode, then this button will change to update_qoo_button.png but will have the same effect of updating your order. Press Finish_go_back_to_PO_button.png when all changes have been added.






Article written with AmberPOS version


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