Adding Special Orders to a Purchase Order


If you would like to add your special orders to a purchase order, first navigate to the purchase order screen.

If there is no currently open order,  select the order to which you would like to add items and press edit_selected_order.png.



This will take you to the purchase order information screen (you will also be at this window if you already had an open purchase order). From here select the order_and_receive_tab.png tab.



This will bring up the Order And Receive window. From here press add_special_order_button.png.



From this window you can see a list of all your pending special orders. You can use the checkboxes to sort the list differently, but the pending orders are the ones needing to be added to a purchase order.



Select the special ordered item you would like to add to your PO, and press add_item_to_PO.png. Repeat for each item you would like to add to the current PO and then press Finish_go_back_to_PO_button.png.



Your PO should now include the special ordered items you have added. You can close the PO or continue to add items.




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Article written with AmberPOS version


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