Voiding Special Orders

1. In order to void a special order transaction, you must first void and return the customer's deposit.



2. First, log into the POS.PNG as normal. Then select the customer whose transaction you wish to void and double click to go to the transaction screen. From here use the recall_transaction_button.png button or press F3 to bring up a list of the customer's transactions.




3. Bring up the deposit transaction by the sorting options at the top of the screen, such as the transaction # field or the date field. Make sure to press the refresh_button.png key to reload the list after selecting your options.



4. Remember that you are not trying to void the special order itself yet. First, you are going to void the deposit given, which will be its own separate transaction. You will notice that the Type field for the deposit will be "Payment", and the Reference column will list the special order it is related to. In the following example you can see a $784.00 special order transaction, with a $250.00 deposit listed above it. For returning payments with Visa/MC/Debit, select the Special Order you want to void. To return the payment select receive payment, and enter the money to be returned as a negative into the Debit/MC/Visa payment type box. A payment processor box will appear. Enter the transaction ID from the receipt and process the payment. Void the special order as normal (another payment transaction will show in the transaction list with a negative quantity).



5. First void the deposit transaction by selecting it and press the void_transaction_button.png button on the bottom right. Enter a reason for the return on the prompt which will appear, and then return the deposit to the customer. After completing this step you can then select the special order transaction and void it as well.



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Article written with AmberPOS version


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