Generating Inventory Snapshots (Old Version)

Generating Snapshots

Your first step when doing an inventory count is generating a snapshot. A snapshot is an image of your perpetual inventory in the POS system, which is used to compare with your physical count. There are three snapshot options:


1. generate_complete_button.png will generate a Complete Snapshot, which is a list of every SKU in your inventory. This is used when doing a full inventory count.


2.generate_selective.png will open up a query menu, allowing you to create a snapshot containing only part of your inventory. This is used when doing a partial count (only certain departments, all items except rentals, etc).


3.generate_spot_button.png will generate a snapshot of your entire inventory, but only items entered into the count will have their quantities changed. This is used when spot checking certain items only and not performing a full count.


Once you have pressed your selected snapshot button, a window will appear asking if you are going to print the count sheet. It is recommended to select Yes the first time you do an inventory count. Once your SKUs have history on them (such as transactions, etc), it will be more efficient to select No because selecting Yes may slow down loading your inventory by varying amounts.



Next, another window will appear asking if you are going to count layaway items. Select yes or no depending on whether or not you would like layaway items included in your count.



Finally, you may get a popup warning you that creating a new snapshot will delete any previous data. Whenever you create a new snapshot you will overwrite previous snapshot and batch information.






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