Viewing and Printing Inventory Reports

Once you have accounted for all variances in your count, it may be useful to print out inventory variance reports to help adjust your counts and ensure that any variances are correct.

At the top of the menu bar select the reports.png icon.



From the reports screen, use the options on the left side and then double click on "Inventory Count" to expand it. From this expanded section, select either "Variance By"  or "Detailed Variance By". You will see a list of options for your reports, which can as detailed as you need.



If you have multiple stores set up, you can use the Select Store box to select which store reports you would like to display.


 Once you have selected the report you would like to print and the stores you want to include you can use the build_query_button.png button to make an even more detailed report if you like.

If you are satisfied with your selected options, select  preview_report_button.png at the bottom corner of the screen to display your report in a new window. Once you are viewing your report you can save or print it for further reviews.



Inventory Count Guide


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