Downloading a SKU List from a Scanner to AmberPOS

**To make sure this process works correctly, exit Amber Count on the scanner first. Do not use the option to save the SKU list under the list tab in Amber Count.**

1. To upload your Skulist from any inventory count terminal scanner, first Login to AmberPOS and click the inventory menu on top.


2. Exporting from scanner to batch:



 Step 1: Select the inventory_count_tab.PNG tab near the top of the screen.

 Step 2: Ensure that the input_inventory_count_tab.png tab is selected below the inventory count tab.

       Optional Steps:

       **If you have not already done so, create a Batch with the ID of your choice. (see: Creating Batches)**

       **Ensure that your Terminal Scanner is plugged into your computer and ActiveSync is enabled**

 Step 3: Select  scanner_file_button.png to export your Skulist to your terminal scanner.


3. Select load_list_from_scanner_button.jpg from the window that appears.



4. If successful, your SKU(s) should appear like in the image below:



5. Before you can begin scanning for another batch, you must first Clear Scan List From Scanner in order to prevent the batches from overlapping in your scanner during the next scanning session. Make sure your Scan List is uploaded to your computer first, or else your data will be permanently deleted.
After clearing the scan list you will have to turn AmberCount off and on again before you can resume scanning items.





Inventory Count Guide



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