Scanning Your Inventory


Locate the AmberCount Icon on the scanner desktop and double tap it. This should start the program and enable you to input SKU codes.


Ambercount consists of 3 main tabs: Scan, List, and Wireless.


You will notice a Code field as well as a Qty check box along with quantity selection and an Add button.


1. Ensure that that Code field is selected then begin to scan items. By default, the scanner is in One Item Per Scan mode.

2. In order to allow multiple selection per scan, check the Qty box. At this point after each scan you will be prompted to enter the quantity of the item just scanned.


3. To verify or modify already scanned entries, access the List tab. Once there, you can select the entries that you have previously inputted and if necessary, remove them. Another available option is to have all the entered inputs saved into a file. Please note that by Saving to File you are starting a new batch as the list will be cleared after the save.




Inventory Count Guide


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