Loading the Inventory.txt File to AmberPOS After An Inventory Count

If you do not have an Inventory.txt file in your scanner, see the Inventory Count Guide for step-by-step instructions on completing an inventory count.

1. Plug your scanner into a usb port on your computer using the usb cable provided with the scanner.

2. Allow for ActiveSync to complete loading on your computer and your computer will automatically open a Windows Mobile Screen. Then select Connect without setting up your device.



3. Hover your mouse over File Management



4. Select Browse the contents of your device from the drop down menu that appears.



5. Select the storage drive of your scanner by double clicking on it.


6. Scroll down until you locate the invent.txt file, then click on it, hold, and drag it out onto your computer (dragging to desktop screen is the most efficient).



7.  Access the Inventory Menu:



      Step 1: Select the Inventory Count tab.

      Step 2: Ensure a batch has been created. (See Inventory Count Guide for details)

      Step 3: Select the Scanner / File button near the bottom of the screen.


8. Select Load List From File.



9. Loading the list from the file:


      Step 1: Select the Invent.txt file that you previously dragged onto your computer from the scanner. (In this example the file is located on the Desktop of the computer)

     Step 2: Select Open to open the file in AmberPOS.


10. If the upload is successful from the file, your list of SKU's in the Invent.txt file will appear in AmberPOS for the batch created.





Inventory Count Guide



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