Datalogic DL-AXIST Scanning Barcodes

You can prompt to scan a barcode on the DL-AXIST device using the SoftSpot application or buttons on the device.


Choose the SoftSpot application to adjust it's controls of availability.  Navigate to the app drawer and select it from your available apps if you don't see it available immediately.



There are various settings to adjust for this application.  Enable Swipe to hide to the application can be closed effectively when you don't want to use it.



With this switch enabled you can place your on the application when open and flick it it in an upwards direction to minimize the application.



To open the application rest your finger on the top of the screen and slide it downwards to reveal the application to be selected for opening.



When the application icon is floating on the screen you can tap on it to prompt scanning of a barcode.


Button Scanning


Use the left or right trigger buttons on the sides of the scanner to prompt the scanner to scan.  These buttons are found on the top of the scanner on either side of the device.



You can also press the scan key found at the bottom of the display on the device.




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