Transferring an Item to Another Store

**Note In order to do transfers between stores you must have a multi-store business setup in AmberPOS and multi-store access to use this feature. Contact a Pacific Amber representative to enable the multiple store functions or for more information.** 


1. To transfer out a sku to another store, you need to access the inventory menu.

With the inventory window open, select the transfers.PNG tab near the top of the screen followed by the transfer_out.PNG tab.



 Overview of Transfer Out:


1. Select which store you want to transfer your SKU(s) to.

2. To quickly add a SKU, key in the SKU number here.

3. This location is where you can edit the quantity that will be transferred.



1.  clear_list.JPG clears the entire list of SKUs selected to transfer out.

2.  process_transfer_out.PNG completes the transfer out and permanently moves your selected SKUs to your selected store for transfer.


In order to finalize the transfer, you must login to the store receiving the items and complete the transfer in.

2. Overview of Transfer In tab.


      Step 1: Select the Transfers tab.

      Step 2: Select the Transfer In tab.

      Step 3: Select the Transfer ID you wish to transfer in.

      Step 4: Select Full Transfer In to transfer everything for the transfer in selected.


3. After selecting Full Transfer In, you will receive the prompt as shown below. Select OK to continue.



4. Select Ok if the following prompt as shown below appears.



5. If successful, a window will appear stating that your transfer in has been successfully transferred in. The ID of the transfer in you selected previously will be displayed.



//NOTE: If you are using AmberPOS on two different computers that are connecting to the same server computer you can sign in using two different employee accounts to create different transfers simultaneously.  If you are signed in with the same employee account on both computers then you will be updating the same transfer list from both workstations.


 Article written with AmberPOS version


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