Time Check: Internet Server Time Warning

You may encounter an error as shown below when using AmberPOS.



This warning produces if it detects that the Internet Time Server has a different time than your local computer.  This can be caused if you have either the incorrect time or the incorrect time zone setup on your computer.  To check this do the following:


1. Navigate to your control panel and choose the choice for Clock, Language, and Region.



2. Click on the choice to access Date and Time.



3. In the window that opens you will be able to review your computer time and time zone.



4. If the time and time zone are correct then the problem could be with the Internet Time Server itself having the wrong time.  Given time it should correct itself though you can also change which server to synchronize with or disable the synchronization.

Navigate to the Internet Time tab and access 5.PNG.




Options to adjust the synchronization will appear in the next window.



If you do not see the following options available to select from then consult your Windows System Administrator.



Article Updated with AmberPOS version


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