Quick Adding a Special Price to a SKU

You can add special pricing rules to SKUs (for sales, vip discounts, etc) using the Inventory screen.


1. Access the Inventory menu, then at the Inventory screen click on the skus.PNG  tab.




2. Now select the item you wish to modify and switch to the prices_tab.png tab.




3. To add a new pricing rule to your item, click the add_edit_button.PNG button located at the bottom of the prices window.




4. This will bring up the Auto Discount Rule Editor window.



5. The easiest way to add a sale price is to use the Quick Add Special Price section on the top of the window.


 Use these fields to enter in:

1. The SKU of the discount item (already filled in if you selected an item previously)

2. The start and end dates of the sale.

3. The quantity of that item needed to be purchased before the sale price applies (the default is 0 - meaning all purchases receive the discount)

4. The special price you wish to apply to the item.

5. The customer type you wish to receive the discount, a dropdown list of all pre-set customer groups ("All Customers" is the default).

6. Once you are satisfied with your selections, use the add_special_price_button.PNG button to apply the price to the item. Your new pricing rule will now appear in the list.


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