Adding a New SKU

You can add new SKUs using the Inventory / SKUs  menu.


1. Log into the system, then access the Inventory menu. At the Inventory screen you will want to make sure you have the skus.PNG tab selected.




2. Next, click create_new_sku_button.PNG on the top right, which will create a new blank SKU using your previously established naming rules (see: Naming Patterns). Alternatively you can enter your own SKU name/number into the New SKU field to create your own custom name. You can also use the create_copy_button.png button to create a copy of an existing SKU for editing.



3. Now simply enter the item's information into the empty fields at the bottom of the screen. All items must have information for vendor and department, with the other fields being used as needed.



 4. Once you have entered your information, press save_button_2.PNG to save your new SKU.



Revised 27/03/2014





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