Adding a UPC to a SKU's Information

An easy way to look up an item is to associate a vendor UPC with the item. You can do this from the Inventory menu. First Login to the system and then access the Inventory menu.


1. From the inventory screen, select the skus.PNG tab on the top and the inventory_items_and_lookups_tab.png tab on the lower screen.



2. Now select the item whose information you wish to modify and press the edit_selected_item.png button on the bottom of the screen.



3. This will bring up the Edit Inventory Items window. In this window select the lookup_upc_tab.png tab.



4. Use the field to type in or scan the UPC or other lookup you would like to add to your item:


      Step 1: Type in the full UPC code and then select the add_button.png option to enter it and add it to the list of UPCs.

      Step 2: Once you have added the UPC in, it will appear in the Lookup/UPC list as shown in the image above.


5. Close the window once you have finished adding your information. You can now look up the item in various windows by scanning or manually typing in the UPC rather than by SKU.


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