Creating a Consignment SKU


1. To create a consignment SKU, first open AmberPOS and login with your username and password. The initial step is to add a consignment vendor, to do this access the Vendors menu.


2. Select Add New Vendor.



3. A vendor creation window will appear, under Vendor: (Vendor Name) type in "Consignment" without the quotations, then select Save Changes.


4. Next, you must add the consignment attribute, select the General Settings tab under setup_icon.PNG.



5. Go to the Attribute section.




6. Overview of Attributes Menu:


Step 1. Select the tab and from the drop down menu select Sku.

Step 2. Into the Name field, type in "Member ID" without the quotations.

Step 3. Select "Text" from the drop down menu for the Format of the attribute.

Step 4. Into the Group Tabs field, type in "Consignment" without the quotations.

Step 5. Select Add New Attribute to create the attribute.


7. Now you must select the customer which you wish to assign the Consignment SKU to by acquiring the member ID. To do this, first select customers_icon.PNG near the top of the screen.



8. Select a customer in your customer list, then in the bottom half of the screen where the customer information is displayed, type in the unique member ID that you wish to assign the selected customer in the Member ID: field as shown in the image below.



** Member ID must be populated with the Customer ID in order for the Reports to show properly **


9. Now that you have your member ID for a particular consignment customer, select inventory_icon.PNG and click create a new SKU.



10. Overview of creating a consignment SKU:


Step 1. Under Vendor, select Consignment.

Step 2. Select the Consignment tab.

Step 3. in the Member ID field, type in the member ID that you previously chose in step 9.

Step 4. Click save to complete the Consignment SKU creation. 


11. If the Consignment SKU was created successfully, your SKU information menu should change and automatically update to show Cost = Sell_Price as shown in the image below. Enter a % value to represent the percentage of the Sell Price that the consigner will receive.



**Note** You must restart AmberPOS for all changes to take effect.


If you have an issue setting the Cost = Sell_Price to 0 please contact AmberPOS for an upgrade to the latest version.


12. The Consignment SKU's can also be mass imported via regular Import Skus List functionality.

When doing the sku import, use the GPCostPercent field to populate the Cost = Sell_Price and Member ID field to add appropriate Consignment Customer.

At the end of the import system will ask to update the consignment items on-hand quantities.




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