Adding a Disclaimer Attribute for SKUs

Disclaimer is a conveniant SKU attribute that allows you to display a particular message on the receipt printed for a particular SKU.


A) To setup the Disclaimer SKU attribute, first Login to AmberPOS and access the Setup menu.


1.   Select the General Settings tab near the top of the page, and then select the Attribute tab.

2.   Attribute creation and modification will be available to you in the space provided on this tab.


B) Overview of adding the attribute:


1. Select the "Sku" attribute type in the attributes section.

2. In the Name field, type in "Disclaimer" without the quotations.

3. **Optional** If you desire, you can create a new and specific tab for the attribute. To do this, type in a name for the Tab in the Tabs field.

4. Click Add New Attribute to save your changed attribute settings.


C) Next, access your inventory menu to see your list of SKUs.

D) Select a SKU, and then under the Info tab in the bottom half of the screen, you will see the new Disclaimer attribute under it's tab. Type in the message you desire for the Disclaimer field for it to display on the receipt when that particular SKU is sold. Select Save to save the changes made.



 //Note: The maximum character limit for this attribute displaying on the receipt is 500 characters.


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