Issue: Consignment Errors Caused by Improper "member ID"

**This issue of consignment errors is caused by improperly setting the "member ID" for a SKU.**

An example of an improper member ID is 1-42

An example of a proper member ID is 42

1. To properly find the correct member ID, first select customers_icon.PNGnear the top of the screen.




2.  You have two different methods for selecting a customer's member ID for consignment.


First option: In your customer list, look at the Customer ID column, and use the number after the dash. (e.g. if the customer ID is 1-43, the member ID associated with the customer is 43, which is what you would use.)


Second option: Select a customer in your customer list, then in the bottom half of the screen where the customer information is displayed, type in the unique member ID that you wish to assign the selected customer in the Member ID: field as shown in the image below.



Revised 27/03/2014


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