Glossary of Inventory Item Abbreviations

When viewing your inventory in a list view (such as the "Inventory Items and Lookups" tab, or the main "Inventory" tab), it will be divided into the following columns:


Slide the bar to the right to show more columns.


Overview of Columns:

SKU: The specific SKU (stock keeping unit) value selected.

Dim 1: Dimension 1 of this SKU.

Dim 2: Dimension 2 of this SKU.

Store: The store of which this SKU belongs to.

Description: The decription of this SKU.

Vendor: The vendor of this SKU.

Department: The department of this SKU.

Product Number: The product number associated with this SKU.

In-Store Location: If there is an in-store location, it will be specified.

QOH: Quantity on Hand, the amount of this item in your current inventory.

SOLD: The quantity of this SKU sold.

COMIT: The Committed quantity on Layaway transactions associated with this SKU.

QOO: The Quantity On Order of this SKU.

SO: The quantity of items that are on Special Order.

QTBP: The Quantity To Be Posted of this SKU.

RECV: The Quantity of this SKU received.

TRAN: The Quantity of this SKU transferred.

OT: The Quantity of this SKU for Out Transfer

IT: The Quantity of this SKU for In Transfer

ADJ: The Quantity Adjusted of the SKU.

Min: Minimum quantity of this SKU.

Max: Maximum quantity of this SKU.

QROP: Quantity Re-Order Point of this SKU.

Lookups: The Lookup value of this SKU (UPC, custom value, etc)





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