Using serial numbers for SKUs

You can use a serial number to keep track of specific items in your AmberPOS software, by adding a serial number for each item. After scanning the item into the POS screen, you will be required to enter the serial number of the appropriate item. Once the item is sold, the POS will keep track of the serialized items that are sold along with the ones still in the system.

1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory screen

2. Overview of Inventory screen:


      Step 1. Select a SKU and

      Step 2.Select Edit/UPC Lookup/Serial


3. Overview of Edit/UPC Lookup/Serial


       Step 1. Select the Serial Number tab

       Step 2. Enter your desired numerial serial number for the particular SKU as shown in the image below:

       Step 3. Select Add to add the serial and apply it to the particular SKU

       Step 4. You have the option to import serial numbers using the Import button.

       Step 5. The In-stock only box when enabled, allows you to only display the serials in stock, exluding serials that were previously sold.

       Step 6. The Multi-Parts box when enabled, allows you to enter multiple serial numbers for one particular SKU in scenarios such as where the SKU is similar to a kit or package and contains more than one item that is sold, and multiple serials can be used to apply an individual serial to each item included in the package sold.





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