Importing UPC codes with Excel

1. Download the template of the UPC import excel file here. 


2. The import template will look like the image shown below: Create a new excel file or remove and/or replace the example data with your own for import.

Column A: SKU number and the optional corresponding dimension alias.

Column B: Your desired UPC code to be associated with the SKU.



Two UPC's can be added to the same item with a semicolon like this 4123456789;4123456788


If you wish to clear UPC's you can use the format SKU,CLEAR for each item. But only imported UPC's will be cleared any AmberPOS generated UPC's will not be cleared.






3. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory menu.


4. Select the Import SKUs option and then Import UPC from the drop down menu that appears.



5. Select your excel file at it's location on your computer in the window that appears, and then in the following window match the fields on the right to those on the left such that they are identical. Then select OK.



6. If your UPC import is successful, you should receive a message like in the image below depicting the corresponding number of successful SKUs imported.


Related Articles: If you want to individually edit UPC's, see Adding a UPC to a SKU's Information.


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