Importing Basket/Kit SKUs

1. Download the template of the UPC import excel file here.

(The Parent and Daughter SKU's need to exist in the AmberPOS software.  This import method is used to distinguish the association of SKU's being built-into Basket or Kit SKU's.)


2. The import template will look like the image shown below: Create a new excel file or remove and/or replace the example data with your own for import.


Column A: Enter the parent SKU values into this column.

Column B: Enter the parent sub-item SKU values into this column.

Column C: Enter the quantity of the parent sub-item SKUs (KCODE) being associated to the parent SKU (PSKU) into this column.

(As shown in the image, if you enter the same parent SKU more than once in column A, you can import multiple different daughter SKUs to that one particular parent SKU, such as SKU 1177 and SKU 1178 both acting as daughter SKUs to SKU 1174)


3. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory menu.


4. Select the Import SKUs option and then Import Basket/Kit from the drop down menu that appears.




5. Select your Basket and Kit import excel file where it is located, and then select Open. A window like in the image below should appear. You must match the fields on the right to be identical to those on the left. Then select OK.



6. If your Basket/Kit import is successful, you should receive a success message like in the image below.



7. After you imported your Basket SKU(s), you must individually check off the box to designate the SKU(s) as Baskets in your Inventory menu SKU-list.


 Related articles: Refer to this guide on how to individually create Basket, Kit, and Tag SKUs.


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