Importing a Long Description for SKUs

You can use the Long Description Attribute to use a secondary description field for longer or more SKU description details.


1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Setup menu.


2. Overview of General Settings tab:


      Step 1: Select the General Settings tab.

      Step 2: In the attributes field, select SKU.

      Step 3: In the name field, type Long Description.

      Step 4: Under format, select Text.

      Step 5: Once all the above has been selected and filled, select Add New Attribute.

      Step 6: The Long Description attribute should appear in your lists of attributes as in the image shown.


3. Download the excel template file for Long Descriptions here.


4. Your template will look like the image below. Fill out the correct information according to the preset columns given in the template. Do change change Column names, but replace the example data below with your own:


Column A: This is the corresponding SKU to which the long description will be assigned.

Column B: This is the specific description that will be assigned to the SKU to it's left.


5.Save the excel file



6. Access the Inventory menu.


7. Select Import Skus and from the drop down menu that appears select Import Long Description from Excel



8. If the import was successful, no windows should appear on your screen. To check whether the import completed, refer to the particular SKU(s) that you imported long descriptions for in your SKU-list, and check the Long Description attribute field as shown below.



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