Creating a Points Adjustment SKU

If you ever need to add/remove customer points without selling/returning an item, you can use a points SKU to make the adjustment.


1. Open AmberPOS and Login.


2. Access the Inventory Menu, enter POINTS into the New SKU field and select Create New SKU.



3. Add the details to your new SKU.


Step 1: Add Vendor and Department to the SKU, it's easiest to use a separate vendor and department for your special SKUs (see: Department Setup and Adding New Vendors).

Step 2: Ensure Taxes are unchecked to disable and that QOH=0 is checked to enable.

Step 3: Set your price to $0.00.

Step 4: Click on the Points field and refer to the next step.

Step 5: Save the SKU when you are finished.


4. Click on the Points field on your SKU info to bring up your Points Rule Editor. 


Step 1: Add a point value of 1 which will apply to each quantity of the item sold.

Step 2: Click on Add Points Value to apply it.

Step 3: Select Points Value and input 1 in this field as well.

Step 4: Save when you are done. 


4. Now you can update your customer's points. First, access the POS menu and select the customer you would like to adjust points for.


5. Enter POINTS as your SKU.

Creating a points adjustment sku 5a.jpg


After you enter points as your SKU a window will pop up that gives you an option to change or add a description. 


If you click make changes or cancel without adding a description it will simply take you to the next step. 

*Note that if you added a description when creating the Sku then this window will not pop up. 



After the 'change description' window a 'change price' window will pop up. 


If you click change price or cancel it will keep to price at $0 and it will add the points adjustment sku into the sale. 



Once the points adjustment sku has been added to the sale you can the select [F9] or Change Qty to change the quantity of the item.  The quantity will be the number of points that they will receive for the sale. 



The Change Quantity window will then appear.  The quantity you enter will be the number of points that the customer will receive for the sale. 



6. When you have entered the number of points you want to adjust for the customer, select the Payment button and Complete Transaction



7. This should have successfully changed the customer's point balance. You can always view their points balance and these adjustments will show up as a line item on the report. You may need to refresh your customer list to see the changes. 


**NOTE: Make sure that only authorized users have access to this.  De-activate the sku when you don't need to use it and restrict who can re-activate skus.**


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