Updating Your Inventory Through Excel (Product numbers, Vendors, Price, etc.)

You can update many inventory items swiftly by updating their information through excel. This guide will show you how to export your inventory to excel, and then edit the information and import it back into your AmberPOS system.


1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory menu.


2. Select the inventory tab, and then Refresh at the bottom. 



3. A window prompt will appear asking you to add items without history. Select Yes or No based on whether you want to include them. 



4. Select the Copy ListView to ClipBoard option to copy the Listview of your entire list of SKUs to a clipboard. This will be pasted into your Excel document. 



5. Open your excel, and right click on the first cell in the first row and column. Select the Paste option to paste your copied clipboard. 








6. You can update any of the columns. In this example, product numbers are being added that previously did not exist. 



7. Once your changes for updating are complete, go to File in the top right corner of the screen and select Save to save your excel file.



8. Open AmberPOS and Login again.


9. Access the Inventory Menu, then select Import Skus under the Skus tab.



6. Select Import Skus list



7. Select your saved excel file in the location that you previously saved it in. 


8. Overview of the next window:


     Step 1: Ensure that the fields on the left match the fields on the right identically.  If there is a field that should be omit from importing data into, then assign the field to 'Default/Null'.

     Step 2: Select OK to proceed with the import..


9. You will receive confirmation windows asking you to confirm the import to update process.


10. If you want to revert the import changes you made, select Import Skus again by first accessing the Inventory Menu, then select Roll Back Last Sku Import in the drop down menu that appears.










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