Recycle/Eco Fee guide

To add a recycle fee to your SKU(s), it first requires assistance from a Pacific Amber technical support agent. Please contact us after you have completed the following steps.

1. Create a new SKU with the name "RECYCLE" (See: Adding a New SKU for other details)


2. Add a description of the SKU to help remember it as your RECYCLE SKU.

3. Make sure the QOH=0 switch is checked as this SKU will not be tracked with quantity. 

4. Add in your vendor and department information. It is preferable to use a misc Vendor and Department if you have them because this SKU will not be ordered or function as a normal SKU. You can ignore the Deposit and Recycle fields on the bottom left of the image when creating this SKU because you will use those fields for different SKUs later. 



5.To apply the recycle fees to the applicable SKUs, the Recycle field has to be populated with the charge. So for example if SKU 1000 has a recycle charge of $0.15, you would input 0.15 into SKU 1000's recycle field.

Recycle fee's will be automatically added to the transaction when the Recycle field is filled for the SKU being sold. 


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