Trade In SKU

A trade in SKU allows you to take in an item from a customer into your inventory while paying them for it at the same time. The item will be created automatically as a SKU in your inventory, with a description and price.


1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory Menu.


2. Overview of SKU tab:


      Step 1: Create a new SKU called "TRADEIN"

      Step 2: Remove any taxes from it (unless your area requires you to pay taxes for trade ins)

      Step 3: Leave the QOH=0 unchecked if you want to track the newly traded item's quantity. Check if you don't want to track quantity.

      Step 4: Select Save after making all your changes.


2. After creating your TRADEIN SKU, go to the pos screen and select a customer, next enter the TRADEIN SKU into the transaction. 



3. Overview of description window:


      Step 1: Type the description for the new item that is being traded in to your store.

      Step 2: Select Make Changes to complete the description.


4. Overview of price window:


     Step 1: Enter the price of the item being traded in to your store. 

     Step 2: Select Change Price to complete the price.


5. Overview of POS screen:


      Step 1: After description and price have been set, the item will be entered into the transaction.

      Step 2: Select Payment to process the transaction as normal. Except now the value is negative, and you will be paying out the amount owed for the trade in.


6. Overview of payment window:


     Step 1: Use any form of payment as you would during a normal transaction. This will transfer the amount owed to the individual trading in the item to your store. 

     Step 2: Select Complete Transaction to complete the payment.


7. Once the transaction is complete and the item has been traded in, the item will automatically appear as a new SKU with the same description and price that you specified in the earlier steps. 



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