SKU Options

The SKU options tab allows you to configure SKU associations during a point of sale transaction. For example, you can group 3 SKUs together, one SKU functions as the parent SKU, with two daughter SKUs. You enter the parent SKU into the transaction, and an automatic drop down menu appears giving you the option to choose any of the daughter SKUs for the same transaction. 


1. Log in to AmberPOS, and access the Inventory menu.


2. Overview of SKUs tab:


     Step 1: Select the SKUs tab.

     Step 2: Select the SKU that will act as the parent SKU.

     Step 3: Select Retail Package Options  located in the bottom half of the screen in the Info tab. 


3. Overview of the SKU Options tab:


      Step 1: In the attributes field, fill out the information for the redirect SKUs. This includes the SKUs and their Name, Price, Quantity, that will be redirected to during the transaction. 

      Step 2: Select Save to assign the redirect SKU to the parent SKU.

      Step 3: Once the redirect SKUs have been added, they will appear in the list located on the left. 

      Step 4: When you want to add more redirect SKUs, simply select the Add New option after Saving your previous SKU. 


4. Overview of the POS screen: 


     Step 1: Enter the original parent SKU. 

     Step 2: A drop down menu will appear displaying all of the redirect SKUs that you previously created for the parent SKU. 


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