Creating a Parent-Daughter SKU Association

You can setup a parent-daughter SKU association to transfer quantity from the parent SKU to the daughter SKU automatically when the daughter SKU reaches zero quantity on hand. For example, when the daughter SKU, (in this case a single cola can as an example) runs out of quantity on hand, it's parent SKU (which for this example would be a package of 6 cola cans)  is broken down into 6 individual cans, and that quantity of 6 is transferred to the daughter SKU, This transfer occurs at the moment the point of sale transaction is made, and reduces the quantity on hand of the daughter SKU to zero. The difference is then deducted from the quantity of the package by the quantity of daughter SKUs sold.


1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory menu. 


2. If you have not already, create two different SKUs. The first SKU will be the parent SKU, and the second SKU will be the daughter SKU. An example of a parent SKU would be a package of 6 Cola cans. The daughter SKU in this scenario would be 1 single Cola can. (See: Creating SKUs for details on how to create a basic SKU).


3. Next, access the Setup menu, and then the General Settings tab. You now have to create a new SKU attribute called "Parent Sku"


       Step 1: Fill out the attributes accordingly by copying the image above. 

       Step 2: After the attribute is created, it should appear in this list. 


4. Go back to the Inventory menu to where you created your two SKUs and select the daughter SKU.


      Step 1: Select your daughter SKU.

      Step 2: Enter the SKU number of the Parent SKU into the Parent Sku attribute field. 

      Step 3: Designate the Package Quantity (PKG Qty) for the Parent SKU in the daughter SKU options.


5. The parent-daughter SKU association is now complete. 


6. You can view the parent-daughter SKU transfer history by going to the Inventory Items & Lookups tab, selecting the Adjusted option, and then View


 //NOTE: If the parent sku has no QOH then it will not transfer quantity into the daughter sku.  Transfer will not put the parent sku into negative QOH.


//NOTE: Parent daugher skus can have dimensions.  Both skus MUST have the same dimensional association in-order for it to work.  If you notice quantities not transfering then check the dimensions assigned to each sku to make sure they are the same.


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