Kitchen Printer

In-order to setup a printer for a kitchen operation, you must first make sure that it is enabled for sharing on your network.  After you have done so, you then need to do the following:


1.  Go to setup, and then under stores.PNG select Others.PNG and enable switch 071 Kitchen Printers.



make sure that you select Save_Store.PNG to ensure that the switch is enabled.


2.  Next you will want to create a sku attribute.  Go to General_Settings.PNG and then Attributes.PNG.  Select the Attribute option "Sku".



Create the Attribute with the name "KitchenPrinters" and the "text".



3.  Now go to the Inventory section of the software, and then under SKUS.PNG and Info.PNG for a sku you want to modify the new attribute field for.

Enter the name of the printer into this field so the sku will be tasked to print to this printer when a transaction takes place. (computer name, then printer name)



Make sure that you save the sku after entering this information.

Be sure to do a test transaction so that you are certain that it is setup to work properly.   

To enter training mode, please see the article HERE.


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