Attribute CustomerAddressNeeded: Apply requirement for customer to be associated to sale of a sku

The CustomerAddressNeeded Attribute will trigger a warning notification that the customer for the transaction must have an address entered under their customer information in-order to buy a particular SKU.

First, go to the Attribute tab in the Setup of the AmberPOS software.

For a reminder on how to get to this feature, please see the article HERE.



Step 1: Select to create a Sku attribute.

Step 2: Name the attribute "CustomerAddressNeeded" without quotations.

Step 3: Choose the Attribute format "CheckBox".

Step 4: Click "Add New Attribute" to create the attribute.


After you have created this attribute, you will want to go to the SKU which you want to enable this function for and enable the CheckBox. Be sure to Save the SKU before navigating to another part of the software.




You will now see that when you click on the "Payment" button that the message will appear in a window that indicates that the transaction cannot proceed as a SKU requires that you record the customer address before you can sell the SKU.





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