ISBN Lookup Setup Guide

2018 UPDATE: has updated their site and it now requires a monthly subscription to access the API. Subscriptions start at $5/month.

They still allow schools and organizations free access to the API for educational purposes. You will need to contact them for this.





Once your key is obtained and your attributes are created, you must contact a Pacific Amber support representative to activate your key in AmberPOS. But first, you must complete all the following steps:


1. You must first obtain your own ISBN access key. To do this, create an account at




2.  Enter your desired account information, and verify your account via your email address as instructed by the website. 



2. Access the Account section again, and login to your created account. 




3. Next, select the Developer Area, Remote Access API option.



4. Select the Manage Access Keys option. 


5. Select Generate a new key.





6. Finally, select the Generate new key button




7. A new page will appear showing your newly created key. 




3. Next, you must create the following SKU attributes:



Book Edition

Subject (optional, may not work for all books)



       Step 1: Select the Attribute Type as Sku.

       Step 2: Under the name field, enter Authors. Then, select the format as Text. You may enter a tab name if you would like your attributes to be in a separate tab. 

       Step 3: Select Add New Attribute to enter it into the system. 

       Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 for PublisherBook Edition, and Subject. Once your attributes are added, they should appear on the right-hand side as shown in the image above. 


4. For this step, you must contact a Pacific Amber representative at 604-457-3000 to enable your isbn lookup number in AmberPOS. 


5. Access your inventory menu, and select one of your book SKUs.



       Step 1: Select the Product # field and type or scan in the isbn number into the field.

       Step 2: If the fields for the SKU were previously blank, they should automatically fill in with the book's available information based on the isbn number as                      shown in the image above. 


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