Create Price Rules For Your Dimensional Skus


The price rules features allows you to apply regular sell price adjustments for your products with inventory dimensions.  Go to the Skus tab in Inventory and click on 11.PNG.




 Click to the Price Tab and then click "Create Rule". 




  The fields below will dictate the circumstances of the price rule.




a.  It is IMPORTANT to give a new name to each rule you generate so you can sort them apart from one another.

b. This is where you dictate the price change per dimensional product variation.  Regular Price Add is the value you want the price to be increased by.  Fixed Regular Price is the new full unit price you want to be applied instead of the existing regular price value.

c. You can de-activate the rule so you can avoid deleting it and can easily reactivate again later.

d. Sku(s) with the same dimension structure will appear here.  You can check to select just the current sku or multiple sku's if you want more than one to be affected by this price rule.

e. If you want this price rule to affect specific grouped dimensional variation(s) you can enable them here.

f. Alternative to Applying to a specific Dim Set, if you want this price rule to affect individual dimensional variation(s) you can enable them here.

g. You can enable which store you want the price rule to be relevant for.

h. Save your sku before navigating away from this page to make sure your rule isn't lost.


 Article written with AmberPOS version


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