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A container sku is a sku with dimension groups assigned to it, though it is used to group non-dimensional items together within the dimensional item for ease of prompt whether for webstore integration or at the transaction screen.  If you prompt a dimensional sku code at the transaction screen and another sku code is linked to it, then it will alternatively prompt the linked sku to the transaction.  For webstore integration you can upload the container sku online and all linked sku values will be referred to for quantity and importing sales history within the integration of that sku.


To get started we will first navigate to a dimensional item and click on 2.PNG.



Next click to the 3.PNG tab and you will see where you can link existing non-dimensional skus to the container sku, or automatically create the non-dimensional values.



A) Which variation of the sku you have selected from the list will indicate which value you are choosing to manage.  In the image above we see sku 1001-S-RED being highlighted which indicates that this sku is which we will choose to assign a link or association.


B) When you type a sku number into the field available and type the Enter key you will see the 6.PNG key become enabled.  When you click the button you will see that this dimensional variation of the sku has been linked to that non-dimensional sku.



C)  If you click the 9.PNG button it will remove the link created by the 6.PNG feature.


D)  If you do not have any skus created to link to the dimensional variations then you can click on the 10.PNG button.  This feature will create the skus for you automatically using the same description though assigning additional details for each sku added.


Before you use this feature you will want to create an attribute named "Container".  With this being created you will then be able to see what container sku items are linked to.  If the attribute exists prior to using this feature then the linked sku number will automatically populate this field.



You will also notice that items with a sku code populating this attribute field will be restricted from uploading to bigcommerce so you don't accidentally have both the container sku and the linked skus online at the same time.




  • When utilizing this feature, if you have dimensional price rules or list cost rules before enabling it then the skus created will have prices based off of these rules.  
  • Photos attached to SKUs part of a container will upload dimensional image rules on bigcommerce assuming "Upload Image from Amber to Web" is enabled while uploading the item.


E)  Click the 15.PNGbutton to move all quantity on-hand stored in the container SKU to be stored in the linked SKUs.  All future sales will be tracked in the linked SKU's so it's recommended to move any quantities to the linked SKU's as soon as possible.



Article written with AmberPOS version



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