Viewing Catalog and Listing Reports - Catalogue by Location

1. First access the Reports menu. (For details, see: Viewing Reports)

2. Overview of Reports menu to access Catalog by Location:


      Step 1: Select Inventory near the top.

      Step 2: Select Location Catalog Listing By.

      Step 3: Select Sku (if desired).

      Step 4: Select Build Query.


3. Overview of Build Query to view Catalog by Location:


       Step 1: Select In-Store Location on the left side in the list of options shown.

       Step 2: Select the query, ensure that it is In-Store Location = "Your Store Location Name"

       Step 3: Select Done to complete the query build.


4. Select Preview Report near the bottom.


5. Your Report for Catalog by Location will show up listing your SKU's for the selected In-Store Location as shown below:





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