Viewing Reports for Consignment Transactions

1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Reports Menu.

2. Click the crosshair.JPGnext to Special Reports to access the Reports for Consignment.


      Step 1: Click Consignment Report to select it.

      Step 2: Select Build Query to open the query builder and specify how to report your consignment transactions.


3. Overview of Consignment Query Builder


**The example shown in this query will be to report all the sales made by one particular customer (member ID).**

      Step 1: Select Member ID from the list.

      Step 2: Select the = value (select different value to view multiple/different combinations of member ID's transaction histories)

      Step 3: Type in the Member ID number to track the particular Consignment Transaction history of the customer associated with the ID.

      Step 4: Select Add >> to add it to your query.

      Step 5: Once it is added, it will now appear in this location.

      Step 6: Select Done to finalize the query.


4. Select Preview Report to view the consignment transaction history of the specified Member ID (Customer).



5. A report should appear to show what you specified in the query.



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