Job Tracking

You can use the Job Tracking module to store and track notes and information for your vendor(s).


1. Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu.


2. Go to the General Settings tab.



3. Create a new Vendor_Job_Tracking attribute.


      Step 1: Select Vendor_Job_tracking as the attribute type.

      Step 2: Designate the name of the tracking type..

      Step 3: Select the format that you wish to track. (In this example text is used)

      Step 4: Select Add New Attribute to finish the creation of the attribute.

      Step 5: Once the attribute is created, it will appear in the list as shown.


4. Access the Vendors menu.


5. Overview of Vendors menu:


       Step 1: In the bottom half of the screen, select the More... tab

       Step 2: Select the Job Tracking option.


6. Overview of Job Tracking menu:


      Step 1: Select the Add New option near the bottom of the window.

      Step 2: Select the newly created tracking that appears in the list.

      Step 3: Type in the data to keep track of the selected tracking.



Article written with AmberPOS version



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