Editing Webstore SKUs (Add Image, Change Description, etc.)

**Note** The image selected for your webstore will automatically update as the same image for your local item's image displayed in AmberPOS.


1. To edit a Sku in your webstore, first open AmberPos and login with your username and password and then access the inventory menu.


2. Ensure that the skus.PNG tab is selected, then Select the SKU you wish to upload by clicking on it in your SKU list.


3. Your SKU's info.PNG tab will open in the bottom half of the screen.  Select web_info_1.PNG to open the menu you will use to upload the SKU to your webstore.



4. You can add an image for your SKU to be displayed on the webstore by moving your cursor over the image_coming_soon.PNG image and right click on it then select  add_image_with_arrow.PNG



5. Click the box.PNG next to visible.PNG to check it and allow for the SKU to be visible and purchased by customers on the webstore.


6. Click the HTML Description tab to change the HTML description of your SKU for the webstore.



7. Type your SKU description into the yellow field that appears.


8. Once you have finished typing your SKU description, select the green save button to save the changes.


9. Select edit_online_button.PNG to open your default internet browser and edit your SKU on your webstore.



10. Select blocks.JPG to view your SKU in the webstore from the front of the website through the customer's point of view of the SKU.





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