Editing Item Variations for a Webstore SKU


// Editing Item Variations is only available to SKUs in AmberPOS that have dimension groups assigned to them.

// This article gives you the instructions to modify the Price or Weight rules active on bigcommerce while in AmberPOS.  This is relevant only if the Websync Configurations are set to be 'Independent'.  If AmberPOS is set to control these synchronization values then you will need to adjust the AmberPOS Weight and Price rule editors.


1. To edit item variations for a webstore SKU, first open AmberPos and login with your username and password and then access the inventory menu.


2. Ensure that the skus.PNG tab is selected, then select the SKU you wish to edit item variations for by clicking on it in your SKU list.



3. Your SKU's info.PNG tab will open in the bottom half of the screen.


Select web_info_1.PNG to open the menu you will use to edit the item variations for the SKU in your webstore.


 4. In the bottom half of the screen, select the Item Variations tab to access the item variations menu.



5. Overview of Item Variation Menu:


Step 1. SKU name is shown here.

Step 2. The price of the SKU with the particular dimension shown under Code is here. (Cannot be changed).

Step 3. Double click on Action to allow you to select an action to add, subtract, or fix the price of the dimensional SKU.

Step 4. Value is where you specify the exact amount that you desire to shift in price of the SKU through the action selected in step three.

Step 5. The weight of the SKU is specified here.

Step 6. Double click on Action to select an action to add, subtract, or fix the weight of the dimensional SKU.

Step 7. Value is where you specify the exact amount that you desire to shift in weight of the SKU through the action selected in step six.

Step 8. Upload a specific image for the dimensional SKU.

Step 9. The QOH (Quantity On Hand) of the webstore dimensional SKU is shown here.


6. Double click on the Action cell to be able to choose whether the price or weight will change when the dimensional variation is chosen.




After choosing the action you can indicate the value in the field next to the action.




Article written with AmberPOS version


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