Viewing/Changing Your Webstore SKU Properties (Price, Weight, Quantity, etc.)

1. To change your webstore SKU properties, first open AmberPos and login with your username and password and then access the inventory menu.


2. Ensure that the skus.PNG tab is selected, then select the SKU you wish to edit for your webstore by clicking on it in your SKU list.


3. Your SKU's info.PNG tab will open in the bottom half of the screen. Select web_info_1.PNG to open the menu you will use to edit the SKU properties for your webstore.



4. Location of Webstore Properties:



 5. Overview of webstore SKU properties menu.



1. View the price of the selected SKU for the webstore.

2. Double click to change the Special Price of the SKU.

3. The SKU number for product being sold on the webstore.

4. The Brand displayed for the SKU online.

5. Quantity On Hand currently available for the item on Bigcommerce.

6. Click the box.PNG next to Visible to enable the SKU to be visible on Bigcommerce.

7. Click the box.PNG next to Featured to display the item on the front page of the storefront online.

8. The four fields "Weight, Width, Height and Depth are utilized on Bigcommerce for shipping calculations.  You can update these fields directly by typing the values into the fields provided here.

9. Double click to setup the categories for the SKU on your webstore. (See the categories guide for details)

10. Toggle the options available to indicate how Bigcommerce tracks inventory for the item.


 Article written with AmberPOS version


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