Overview of the Webstore SKU Menu


**Note** If any of the above values (QOH, Description, etc.) appear red instead of black, this means there is a discrepancy between the local value and web value, meaning they are not identical.


1. The displayed Local Item Info that shows the SKU, Title, QOH (Quantity On Hand), Price, Special Price, and online webstore options. (Local information only)

2. The web ID which in the background links your product from AmberPOS to Bigcommerce. Hover your mouse over it to check your webstore version and date of last update.

3. The first image for your item on BigCommerce.

4. The properties of your webstore SKU that are seperate from the local POS properties. 

5. Click the black and white square to view your webstore page from the front end, select edit online to view the SKU in editing mode from the backend of the webstore, select Refresh to refresh the webstore SKU data, hide your displayed local data in section 1 by selecting Hide Local Data, and click Close to close the webstore menu.

6. The location where the online item variations, webstore HTML description, and custom fields for the SKU will be displayed.


 Article written with AmberPOS version


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