Setting Up Categories for a Webstore SKU


1. To setup categories for your webstore SKU, first open AmberPOS and login with your username and password and then access the inventory menu..


2. Ensure that the skus.PNG tab is selected, then select the SKU you wish to setup webstore categories for by clicking on it in your SKU list.




3. Your SKUs info.PNG tab will open in the bottom half of the screen.


Select web_info_1.PNG to open the menu you will use to edit the categories for the SKU in your webstore.


4. Double click on the area in front of Categories: to open the category editing menu.



5. After the categories menu has been opened, the first step is to create root categories.


     Step 1. Right click anywhere in the categories field, then hover your mouse down over Edit Categories.

     Step 2. Then click on Add root category from the menu that expands out.


6. Type in the name of the category you desire into the field as the image shown below and then select Save New Category.



7. To edit an existing root category, right click on the root category.


     Step 1. Option one allows you to add another subcategory under the root category that you right clicked.

     Step 2. Option two allows you to delete the category that you right clicked.

     Step 3. Option three allows you to edit your category online in the webstore.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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