Bigcommerce Pricing Structure

 BigCommerce Pricing Structure



1. Price: This is the regular price of the item this will get populated by AmberPOS upon uploading the SKU from AmberPOS to Bigcommerce.
Cost Price: Used only as a reference on Bigcommerce not applicable to anything.
Retail Price: If entered, this price will be shown on your site with a strike through it, showing that this item has been discounted from the retail price down to the regular price or sale price if the sale price is lower than the regular price.

2. Cost Price in Bigcommerce is the same thing as List Cost in AmberPOS but only when importing from Bigcommerce to AmberPOS and not vice versa.

3. Retail Price: $39.99 (You save $10.00)Your Price: $29.99

Example Below from Bigcommerce


4. Sale Price: If entered, this product will be shown as “On Sale” and this price will override the Regular Price field value. It does not matter whether sale price is lower or higher than the regular price, it will still override the regular price. If the Sale price is higher than the Retail price then the Retail Price savings will not be shown on the item online. When the item is uploaded by AmberPOS this price will get populated with the same price as the Regular Price of the item unless there is a special price in AmberPOS. If there is a special price in AmberPOS this will now be the new price of the item. (Be aware that if in AmberPOS the “Ignore Special Price” is checked on it will not update the sale price on Bigcommerce so the item will be stuck on a sale price value even if you update the regular price to a lower price.

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