Hiding Out-of-Stock Dimensions in Bigcommerce (Old Version)

1. If you have a SKU with multiple dimensions but only quantity on hand for a partial number of those dimensions, you can hide the dimensions with 0 quantity from showing on your Bigcommerce website. 

For example:


A shirt has the following dimensions with the following quantities:

Blue: quantity 0

Red: quantity 5

Yellow: quantity 3

Green: quantity 0

If you only want the customer to be able to purchase the Red and Yellow colors, but not the Blue and Green since they are out of stock, then you must complete the rest of the steps in this guide. 


2. Login to the administrator end of your Bigcommerce website. On the main page complete the following steps:




      Step 1: Select Setup & Tools in the top right corner.

      Step 2: In the menu that appears, select Inventory. 


3. The first option titled "When a product is out of stock" will allow you to disable dimensional options with no quantity. To do this, select Hide product, but leave product page accessible from the list given. Your dimensions with zero quantity will no longer be an option on the sales web-page for the SKU. 




4. Select Save in the bottom right corner to finalize the changes.




5. The image below shows that this SKU has 0 quantity for the "Large" dimension. This dimension will no longer appear in the front sales end of your products web-page. 




6. The image below shows how your SKU will display the dimensions. Your front-end sales will no longer display dimensions for sale that are 0 in quantity. In this case, it hid the "Large" option from the drop down menu. 






Article written with AmberPOS version


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