Non-Inventory Dimensions

Typically Dimensions allow you to create one sku to manage all variations a product is available in.



If you still want to be able to choose these variations for the sku though not track history by this variations then you can use non-inventory dimensions. To access or assign this to a sku click on the 5.PNG button.


A menu will appear where you can choose which dimensions you want to assign as non-inventory dimensions.


 Click on the 8.PNG button to choose which dimensional variations will be able to be chosen for the dimension group assigned to the sku.



 Save your sku and then navigate to the Capture.PNG tab and you will see that history will be tracked for only one variation of the sku.




Now go to the transaction screen and prompt the item for a sale.  You will see that when you prompt the item that a window will appear allowing you to choose the dimensional value.



 Once specified this information won't print on the receipt, though it will be stored as a Transaction Attribute.  Click on the 12.PNG button to review the value chosen for the sku.  This information can be tied to a custom form so you can produce a separate printout after the transaction is complete.  


Webstore Skus

If your sku is being uploaded to bigcommerce for webstore integration then on the webstire the customer will see the options online just the same as they would for a regularly dimensional item.  In AmberPOS though it will track and import history under the one variation of the sku. 


Article written with AmberPOS version


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