Enable or Disable Web Sync and LC Synchronization



The Websync process is the updating of item information from AmberPOS onto Bigcommerce.  The LC Update is the process of populating locally information about what data there is on bigcommerce.


1.  First open the mass export window as shown in the image below.  If you have a newer version of the software it may say ‘Bigcommerce’ for the option.



 2.  When the mass export form opens and finishes loading go to “Setup” up at the top of the screen, and then ensure you have selected “LC Configuratons” though it mostly likely will be by default.




The last two features on the bottom of the screen contain the options for LC update and Web Sync.




A)  Click on 1.PNG to start the service of updating the LC database with Bigcommerce information.  If the process is already running and you want to disable it click 2.PNG which will appear alternatively.

B)  Click on 3.PNG to start the service of updating Bigcommerce with local data for linked items.  If the process is already running and you want to disable it click 4.png which will appear alternatively.


Article Updated with AmberPOS version

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