Web-SKU Mass Updating

1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory screen


      Step 1: Select the Import Skus button

      Step 2: From the drop down menu, select BigCommerce


2. Overview of Export Skus to BigCommerce/Interspire menu:



  1.  Click this button to execute a search for the value typed into the search field.  Right-click on this button to choose additional search scope options to filter your results by.


2.  Click this button to navigate to the last list-view prior to the filtered search results.

3.  Enable the 'Whole Word' check-box to match exact value by all characters typed into the search field.  Enable the 'Quick Search' check-box to search and highlight values on the current page regardless of the search scope if adjusted in the image above.  

4.  Enabling this check-box will add the sku to the item's name when any product is uploaded to bigcommerce.  This is used to help alleviate uploading errors if another item on Bigcommerce has a matching name for the item as bigcommerce will not allow duplicate names.

5.  This check-box is enabled by default and will not show any items that are set to inactive in AmberPOS.  un-checking will show inactive skus which are linked to items on Bigcommerce.

6.  Additional columns will be displayed which will identify the types of discrepancies items have.  See the article HERE for more information on the feature.

7.  Select a tab to choose which way to view and manage your inventory online.



a. Displays items in AmberPOS that are linked to items on Bigcommerce.

b. Displays items that are only in AmberPOS and linked to items on Bigcommerce.

c. Displays items that are only on Bigcommerce and not linked to any items in AmberPOS.

d. Displays items are not linked between AmberPOS and Bigcommerce but have matching name values.

e. Displays items are not linked between AmberPOS and Bigcommerce but have matching SKU values.

f.  Displays items which were just recently linked between AmberPOS and Bigcommerce.

g. Enables additional features for modifying Brand, Category and Images for online items.  This feature is only available to the Administrator user and details for these features can be found HERE.


8.  Select the sku field for items you want to upload before selecting this button.  If the item already is linked to bigcommerce it will re-upload its local item information.  If the item doesn't exist yet on bigcommerce it will create the item new.

9.  Generates a window for a selected sku that gives controls for reviewing and modifying it's online values.  Details for this feature can be found HERE.

10.  Refreshes the display restults in this window for an individual item when you have the AmberPOS sku value selected for the product prior to clicking this button.

11.  Select AmberPOS sku value fields before clicking this button.  When this button is clicked it will pull the primary image for Bigcommerce items to populate for their linked counterpart in AmberPOS.

12. Highlight one or multiple check-box fields in the list-view and click check.PNG to enable the field value and disable.PNG to disable the field value.  Both buttons are disabled until check box values are selected.




13.  Enable 'U/L Image' to push the AmberPOS image to populate on Bigcommerce when the product is uploaded online.

14.  Enabling 'Uniqueness' will push the AmberPOS sku to be part of the item's name on Bigcommerce.  Bigcommerce doesn't allow different items to have the same description, so if any AmberPOS products to have the same description you can make them unique on Bigcommerce by enabling this switch.

15.  Hightlight the BinPickNum value in the listview for an one or multiple items.  You can press STB.PNG to replace the Bigcommerce SKU value with the Bin Picking Number.  Press BTS.PNG to replace the Bin Picking Number with the Bigcommerce SKU value.



16.  Highlight AmberPOS sku values for items listed before clicking this button.  The selected items will be exported to be saved as a CSV file.  After specifying the save location you will be asked if you want to export the web optionset structure for these items as a CSV file as well.



17.  Generates a help menu that gives you information about item's online status indications .


Click the 3.PNG button to hide these options.

18.  Selecting this button will do a full refresh to reload all item information displayed in this window.

19.  Press this button to close the window.

20.  This is a visual indicator to the success of the updates to the LC database.  The LC database is a local copy of Bigcommerce information.  


Hover your cursor over the left-sector to see the result of successful or failed Full LC update.  



Hover your cursor over the right sector to see the result of successful or failed Partial LC update.  



See the article HERE for information about how to address doing a full update or HERE starting or stopping the process of perpetually updating the LC database.

21.  These two indicators will identify whether the LC update or Web Sync process are running.  The LC update is the process of populating Bigcommerce product information locally on the server computer.  The Web Sync process is the pushing of AmberPOS product information updates online for linked items.  If the color stays a stagnant solid red then the process isn't running and you can hover your cursor over the indicator to see when it last successfully was running.  It will be successfully running if you see the indicator change between a red and color status indicator.  Navigate HERE for options about starting or stopping the LC update and Websync process.



  Article written with AmberPOS version


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